I was born in Barcelona. When I was 19, I began my professional acting studies in Barcelona, ending in 2010 after three-year full-time course. Since then, I’ve been acting for the stage and in several short films and TV commercials, whilst I furthered my education attending additional acting workshops and courses.

As a Videographer & Editor, I began when I was a teenager just as a hobby, but soon I developed my skills, and today I’m focusing on it as a professional career. I have also worked full-time for many years as Assistant Producer in the independent film and stage production industry in Barcelona. This has given me the chance to fully explore many different facets in the world of film edition, acting and the entertainment business as a whole, which enables me now to start developing my own projects.

I live and work in Barcelona keeping absolutely focused on learning and developing my craft both as a freelance Editor and as an Actor, with a very clear aim: to make a living in the film industry, both behind and in front of the camera.

As an Actor, I am member of the e-Talenta network and I am associated with the AADPC (Actors and Directors Association of Catalonia). As a Videographer and Editor, I am associated with AMMAC (Catalan Editors Association) and CPAC (Catalan Audiovisual Guild).